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Cruise Ship Weather Routing, Inc. (WRI) Cruise Liner Surveillance constantly monitors your fleet for any tropical or heavy weather events, and keeps your vessels and land-based staff fully informed of upcoming conditions. WRI uses your published schedules and our high-resolution forecast data, combined with our years of experience, to provide your vessels and operations team with the information required to make informed decisions. Our services are designed to minimize/avoid heavy weather and maximize passenger comfort and enjoyment, while keeping vessels on the optimum route.
High Resolution Wind Chart
Cruise Liner Services Includes
  • Constant monitor of your fleet for any tropical or heavy weather threat.
  • Daily Heavy Weather Summary extending out 5 days.
  • Daily Tropical Summaries.
  • Daily Forecast maps emailed direct to the vessels (pressure, winds, seas, currents, and more).
  • Daily Port Forecasts and an upcoming Trip Summary emailed direct to the vessels.
  • Access to Dolphin website for land-based staff and vessels, with a suite of detailed analysis and forecast charts for winds, seas, visibility, ocean currents and more.
  • Route/Weather Advisories for any trans-ocean crossing, during any heavy weather or tropical threat, or upon request.
  • WRI's high-resolution bridge-level wind data (WRICrEWS).
  • Earthquake/Tsunami alerts/statements.
  • WRI marine meteorologists available 24/7 for consultation.

Heavy Weather Monitoring

Heavy Seas WRI has developed an exclusive heavy weather monitoring program for your cruise fleet, keeping you advised of heavy weather threats before they impact your vessel.

When we are expecting heavy weather to affect a vessel (based on your own given wind/sea constraints), we will commence our full forecast and routing services, in order to minimize/avoid the heavy weather.

As part of our heavy weather monitoring program, we provide Dolphin website access, daily forecast maps emailed direct to the vessel, and port forecasts for current and/or upcoming ports of call. A daily heavy weather summary is also emailed to land-based staff, giving a 5-day "heads up" of any potential problems for your vessels.
Heavy Weather Vessel Summary   Cruise Ship Maps
Heavy Weather Monitoring

Tropical Threat Monitoring

Tropical Cyclone WRI's team of experienced Tropical Meteorologists have been forecasting, analyzing, and monitoring Tropical systems for over 50 years. WRI maintains constant surveillance of the tropical regions of the world, issuing daily tropical summaries for all the seasonally active major ocean basins with all of your affected ships listed.

If an area is suspect for tropical development, WRI classifies the system as a "tropical low", and issues forecast positions and intensity - often 2-3 days ahead of government agencies. This additional lead time is critical for safe/efficient operations for your fleet to prepare for any route or itinerary changes. WRI's tropical advisories are provided in addition to our recommendation for a safe and efficient route (to minimize any delay).

Tropical Summary Tropical Map
Tropical Threat Monitoring
  • Vessel's are monitored for any tropical threat several days in advance.
  • Analysis of all officially classified tropical systems.
  • Pre-classify systems as Tropical Lows usually 2-3 days before government agencies.
  • Daily Tropical Summaries for seasonally active basins with your affected ships itemized.
  • Access to Tropical Tracker on WRI's Dolphin Fleet Management website
  • Full route/weather advisories commenced to minimize/avoid threat.


Forecast/Route Advisories

WRI can provide detailed optimum route/weather advisories for trans-ocean crossings, when heavy weather or tropical threat is expected, or for any voyage upon request. WRI is continuously monitoring and analyzing weather and ocean current patterns to evaluate for the optimum route: safe and efficient. Our route/weather advisories keep the vessel on the optimum route and the crew well aware of upcoming conditions, allowing your guests to maximize their cruise experience.

Sample Cruise Ship Forecast Currents Comparison Analysis
Optimum Route/Weather Advisories
  • Pre-Voyage reports for preliminary planning.
  • Detailed 5 day forecast with wind, sea and weather conditions.
  • Forecast maps showing pressure, wind, seas, ocean currents and more.
  • Optimum Route considering distance, speed, weather and currents (weather/current factors provided).
  • Access to WRI's Dolphin Fleet Management Website with a suite of detailed analysis and forecast charts.
  • WRI marine meteorologists available 24/7 for consultation.
  • Earthquake & Tsunami Statements.

Dolphin Fleet Management

Whether on land or at sea, WRI's Dolphin Website is available 24/7, 365 days a year from any device with internet connection. No special software is required. Dolphin features global and high resolution forecast maps and oceanographic charts, allowing your vessels and land-based staff to monitor conditions impacting their upcoming transit. Your entire fleet is dead-reckoned on all forecast charts for easy reference.

Please visit our Dolphin Fleet Management page for more information on our Dolphin Website.
High Resolution Seas Forecast Map Kuroshio Currents along Japan Visibility Map along the North Atlantic
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