Dolphin Fleet Management

WRI's Dolphin Fleet Management Website is an interactive web-based program designed to monitor weather and oceanographic conditions that will impact the transits of your fleet. Dolphin is available 24/7 from any device with Internet connection, with your fleet positions dead-reckoned on all forecast maps extending out beyond 7 days. In addition to weather charts and oceanographic data, Dolphin also allows you to monitor the performance and efficiency of your fleet. Speed/consumption analysis reports, efficiency/emissions reports, and much more are summarized in the administrative section.

Dolphin is continuously updated with the latest data, with no "extra" hardware or software required. Both your land-based staff and the ship's crew can view the same data, which allows for improved communication and decision making, ensuring safe and efficient transits. Global computer model and WRI high-resolution data is available.
Dolphin Maps/Charts
Winds/Seas Map in South China Sea Precipitation / Precip / Rainfall / Map in South China Sea Wave height / Period Map Visibility  Map in South China Sea
Mixed Layer Depth Map Frontal Analysis Vessel On Map With Tropical System High Resolution Wind Gust Map
Sea Surface Temperatures (SST) Vessel on Map with Gale/Storm Freezing Spray Risk Hazardous Seas
Observations Map Sea Ice Map Currents Map Gulf Stream Currents Map

Tropical Tracker

Tropical Cyclone WRI's Tropical Tracker on Dolphin allows your vessels and operations team to monitor all Tropical activity around the world. Detailed analysis, charts, and discussions on all active and WRI-classified Tropical Cyclones are continuously updated and available. Your vessels are dead-reckoned on all charts, with high resolution forecast data provided. Tropical Tracker helps keep your vessels safe and well informed of any potential Tropical Threats.

Tropical Advisory Text Hurricane Sandy Forecast Track Tropical Cyclone Dolphin
Tropical Tracker Includes
  • WRI analysis of all tropical ocean basins.
  • Detailed discussion, track, intensity of any active Tropical Cyclone.
  • Track, intensity, discussion of any WRI pre-classified Tropical Lows.
  • High resolution wind/sea forecast charts.
  • Storm surge height/probability charts.
  • Wind speed probability charts.
  • Global computer model track maps.
  • Surface pressure analysis, real-time observations, land/marine advisories.
  • Satellite/Radar imagery.

Voyage Planner

WRI's Dolphin Voyage Planner (DVP) is an interactive software package available on WRI's Dolphin website ( DVP allows vessels or land-based staff to enter multiple routing options, speeds or consumptions using an interactive platform and display. Using latest weather forecast and ocean current data, DVP can assist your fleet and operations to plan out the safest, fastest and/or most efficient transits, saving time and money. Route requests can then be submitted to WRI's operations for expert analysis and detailed route/weather advisories as required.

There are many reasons for using DVP:
  • High-resolution forecast data available out to 3 days, with long range guidance extending out beyond 7 days. Easy to use and interactive software package from any computer or mobile device with internet access.
  • High-resolution ocean-current data with 1/12th of a degree resolution. This 05nm resolution enables better routing decisions for both short and long voyages by taking advantage of best currents.
  • Routing options are available for ALL transits – even short voyages. Utilizing high-resolution ocean current and wind/sea data with "minor" changes in waypoints can save time and bunker costs.
  • Transparent routing decisions can be routinely achieved, as both vessel crew and land-based operations are viewing the same calculations and various options.
  • Easy comparison of route options with various waypoints, speeds, consumptions, and overlays of weather/current and other real-time data will guide the vessel or operations team to the most efficient transit. Compare ECO or normal speed, speeds for timed arrival, delayed departure and more.
  • Support available from WRI's Marine Meteorologists: Despite all of the advancements in computer-generated weather guidance, model data for important decisions is best analyzed by an experienced meteorologist. WRI's forecast tools include our proprietary "in-house" models which are used to analyze developing weather patterns, keeping your vessels on the safest and most efficient routes. We recommend receiving a detailed forecast/route recommendation for any sensitive transits or for any tropical/heavy weather threat.

Dolphin Voyage Planner (DVP) is an invaluable tool for easy and efficient voyage planning. Saving miles, avoiding heavy weather, maximizing currents and calculating the best speed/consumption for your transit can lower your operating costs with Voyage Optimization.
Dolphin Voyage Planner
Voyage Planner Includes
  • Routing Options can be entered for each voyage with voyage details:
    • Route/Waypoints (WRI pre-made route, Add/Submit new waypoints or "click and drap" on map)
    • Daily Bunker/Fuel Consumption
    • Add actual position
    • Laden/Ballast
    • ETD and/or ETA
    • Speed
  • Summary Optimization Table showing your Route Options all plotted on interactive map:
    • ETA/Average Speed
    • Weather/Current Factors
    • Total Calculated bunker/fuel and cost
    • Distance/Time
  • Overlay “real-time” and forecast parameters on interactive route map:
    • Winds, Sea and Swell data
    • Ocean Currents
    • Land/Ship and Buoy Observations
    • Piracy Reports
    • Satellite/Radar
    • Iceberg, Sea Ice data
    • Tropical Cyclone information
    • Earthquake/Tsunami details
    • Pressure, Precipitation and Visibility
    • Terrain/Bathymetry data
    • Freezing Spray
Route Analysis on Dolphin Currents & ECA Zone Dolphin Trans-Atlantic Route Analysis

Port Forecasts

"On demand" Port Forecasts can also be accessed on Dolphin for over 6,000 ports world wide. Port Forecasts include tabular and graphical forecasts of winds, seas, visibility, precipitation, tropical threats, temperature, and more! Data is provided for both the port itself and the associated pilot station. Stay informed of any adverse conditions impacting your port operations with continuously updated Port Forecasts on Dolphin

Sample Port Forecast
Port Forecasts

Reports and Summaries

Sample Emissions
The Administrative section on Dolphin allows our clients to view various reports and summaries regarding the safety, performance, and efficiency of their fleet. These reports are continuously updated with the latest data, allowing your operations team to closely monitor any "problem" vessels or transits.

Reports and Summaries on Dolphin include:
Ship Performance Analysis

Company Efficiency Report By Each Vessel

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