Port & Site Forecasts

Ships Weather Routing, Inc. (WRI) port/site forecasts are designed to provide up-to-date weather forecast data which is displayed in a clear/concise and easy to read manner. WRI's Forecasts alert you 48 to 72 hours ahead of any threatening weather conditions. Whether it be high winds, heavy swell, flooding, snow, or ice, our forecasts give you advanced warning so that you can make the necessary preparations for bad weather.

WRI's team of experienced meteorologists specializes in marine and coastal weather forecasting and analysis and are available for consultation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlike local government sources, forecasts are tailored for your specific location and customized to meet your specific needs and weather situation.

Meteogram Sample Vicinity Forecast
Port & Site Services
  • Tabular and Graphical Forecasts
  • Keep you advised of any upcoming weather concerns.
  • Hourly or 3-hourly forecasts for the first 24 hours.
  • 6-hourly forecasts for days two and three, then 12-hourly to day five.
  • Detail surface winds/seas and elevated wind (approximately 50 meters) for rig/container cranes or other elevated surfaces if required.
  • Detail coverage/intensity of expected precipitation.
  • Nearby local government agency warnings/advisories provided.
  • Other available parameters: air temperature, sea temperature, ocean currents for offshore sites, and amount of precipitation.
  • For offshore sites, other available forecast parameters: swell direction, height and period, significant wave heights and maximum wave.
  • Alerts you of potential tropical activity.
  • Earthquake and Tsunami Statements.

Dolphin Fleet Management

Additionally, access to WRI's Dolphin Website is included with our forecasting service, and provides access to a suite of weather related tools and data, including graphical forecast maps out to 180 hours for winds/seas and pressure, visibility, precipitation, detailed tropical analysis and forecasts, radar and satellite imagery, and more.

Please visit our Dolphin Fleet Management page for more information on our Dolphin Website.
High Resolution Seas Chart Kuroshio Currents off Southern Japan's Coast Visibility Map off Dolphin

Tropical Threat Monitoring

Tropical Cyclone WRI's team of experienced Tropical Meteorologists have been forecasting, analyzing, and monitoring Tropical systems for over 50 years. WRI maintains constant surveillance of the tropical regions of the world, issuing daily tropical summaries for all the seasonally active major ocean basins with all of your affected port/sites listed.

If an area is suspect for tropical development, WRI classifies the system as a "tropical low", and issues forecast positions and intensity - often 2-3 days ahead of government agencies. This additional lead time is critical for the safety of your port/site. WRI's tropical advisories are provided in addition to our forecasts.

Tropical Summary Text Advisory Tropical Summary Image
Tropical Threat Monitoring
  • Vessel's are monitored for any tropical threat several days in advance.
  • Analysis of all officially classified tropical systems.
  • Pre-classify systems as Tropical Lows usually 2-3 days before government agencies.
  • Daily Tropical Summaries for seasonally active basins with your affected ports/sites itemized.
  • Access to Tropical Tracker on WRI's Dolphin Fleet Management website


Heavy Weather Alerts

Water Spouts WRI's Heavy Weather Alerts includes constant monitoring of your location of interest for ANY heavy weather events.

In the case of an expected heavy weather event, WRI sends a Heavy Weather Alert as an e-mail or text message to any number of recipients at your company, with a list of active watches and warnings issued by local governments, along with additional information provided by WRI if necessary.

Sample Heavy Weather Alert
Heavy Weather Alert Email
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