Post Voyage Performance Analysis

Cargo Ship At Sea Weather Routing, Inc. (WRI) Post Voyage Performance Analysis Reports are used to assist owners and charterers in evaluating the speed and consumption of the vessel compared to the warranted or instructed values. WRI analyzes the daily wind, sea, and ocean current conditions during each transit, and calculates the distance/time steamed and attendant weather/current factors. "Good weather" periods, as defined by the C/P, are calculated and used as the basis for any time saving or loss.

At the end of each transit, a performance report is sent to you by e-mail, typically within 24 hours of arrival. The report itemizes both speed and consumption gain/loss as compared to the C/P clause basis methodology provided in London Arbitrations. WRI's vessel performance reports are clear and concise, and serve to protect your company's financial interests. Performance Reports are available at any time on our Dolphin website.
Performance Analysis Reports
  • Provided within 24 hours of receiving arrival report.
  • Basis London Arbitrations.
  • "Good Weather" analysis provided.
  • "All Weather" analysis provided for comparison.
  • Bunker Consumption Analysis.
  • Protect your financial interests, saving time and money.
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Ship Status Report (SSR)

Vessel Fleet Performance Monitoring Ship Status Reports are emailed to your operations team daily, and provide a preliminary analysis of your vessel performance to date. These reports are provided in summary and detailed form, and provide an early "heads up" of any potential speed or consumption issues. SSR's are available at any time on our Dolphin website.

Ship Status Report for Vessel Emissions and Efficiency Status Summary Report By Vessel for Ship Routing Companies
Ship Status Reports include:
  • Instructed Speed and "good weather" definition.
  • Projected ETA and remaining distance.
  • Projected upcoming weather/current factors.
  • Overall and "good weather" performance speed to date.
  • Bunker Consumption Rate.
  • Projected time/bunker gain or loss.
  • Voyage Track Chart.

Voyage Reconstructions

Puzzle Globe For past voyages, WRI can reconstruct the voyage to produce a performance report. Using a log abstract and/ or daily position reports from the voyage, our team of performance analysts can then look back, and using all archived data, ascertain the daily wind, seas, and currents. Again, "good weather" analysis is supplied, and WRI summarizes with a gain/loss for both speed and bunkers versus the C/P or instructed speed.

WRI also provides supporting data and voyage commentaries, which assist in directly supporting your case.
Vessel Reconstruction Analysis

Port Bunker Consumption Analysis

Vessel at Anchor at Port WRI can also protect your financial interests by monitoring bunker consumption of your fleet during any port calls. WRI calculates the bunkers consumed during the idle/working periods (excluding any manoeuvring periods) and compares this to the warranted consumption to evaluate if the vessel is in compliance with the C/P agreement.
Port Consumption Analysis

Deviation/Comparison Analysis

For vessels which did not follow shortest/recommended route, or for deviations due to unplanned bunker stops, WRI can provide a route deviation analysis. WRI reconstructs a "theoretical" voyage for the direct/recommended transit using the actual performance speed and weather/currents that would have been experienced. We then compare the distance/time steamed and bunkers consumed on the actual transit versus the "theoretical" transit, in order to calculate any extra distance/time steamed or bunkers consumed.
Deviation Report Vessel Efficiency
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