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Yacht Newsletter
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A Special Message from Our President
By: Stasu Bizzarro, President

Since 1961, Weather Routing Inc. (WRI) has been a leading weather provider for the maritime industry. Our philosophy has, and will continue to be, real-time maritime meteorologists providing a quality service to all our clients. Whether it be for safe passage, or for optimizing voyages to reduce fuel/operating costs and emissions, WRI will always be your dependable 24/7 "onboard" meteorologist.

As technology advances, WRI has been careful to make sure this does NOT replace the standard that we have set all these decades. With the advancement of computer generated weather models, WRI has been able to extend our capabilities, WITHOUT REPLACING the human influence. WRI will continue to promote and insist that only the combination of these advancements, with a real-time meteorologist, will provide the most accurate forecast and guidance, and everything else is supplemental. With all this said, WRI understands the need to have a tool for our clients to have access to weather data without a constant internet connection, and therefore, we welcome the addition to our supplemental product, SeaWeather Onboard.

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Introducing the NEW SeaWeather OnBoard Program!
By: David Cannon, Director of Yacht Operations

We know that many of you are familiar with our SeaWeather Online weather information service ( We at WRI are proud to introduce a new incarnation of SeaWeather that is tailor made for those who have limited internet capabilities while out at sea.

This new program, SeaWeather OnBoard, allows users to perform a one-time download of the software (compatible for Mac or Windows desktop devices). Then, you can receive data files, which are delivered via e-mail daily (up to 4 times a day, if desired), that is then automatically imported into the software, where weather and oceanographic data can be overlaid onto a plot of our recommended route, or a route you can create and edit yourself. Viewing of data within each data file can be done without the need for an internet connection.

This is now part of the service's new Premium Plus package, which also allows for vessel position/location tracking via AIS, and is currently offered to our Premium package subscribers until their current subscriptions expire. Thereafter, they may upgrade to Premium Plus to continue using AIS tracking.

SeaWeather OnBoard was developed after extensive programming and feedback over the past few years, and we are excited that this is now available to those interested. It proves again that we strive to provide our information to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Please contact us today to learn more!

SeaWeathers new OnBoard program allows users to view images like this, to allow for continued ease in trip planning for those with limited internet capabilities.

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WRI Exhibiting at the 2019 US Sailboat Show
By: Alex Avalos, Meteorologist

Do you have plans to attend the US Sailboat show in Annapolis, MD this October? If so, please do stop by the Weather Routing Booth. We will be located at Tent K, Booth 14. Operations Manager Brian Whitley and I will be staffing the booth.

WRI continues to make upgrades to our customized weather routing and forecasting services, including but not limited to severe weather statements. We have also made upgrades to our SeaWeather website, and we have just launched SeaWeather OnBoard, which allows you to access SeaWeather from any location with no need for an internet connection.

We will be happy to discuss our customized services with you, and also show you our latest upgrades to SeaWeather. We will also have several branded giveaway items at our booth.

We always enjoying meeting with current and future clients and we hope you can stop by our booth. If you plan on visiting, please let us know by email at and we can arrange complimentary tickets for you. We look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Events
10/09/2019-10/15/2019 - United States Sailboat Show (Annapolis, MD)
10/21/2019-10/14/2019 - AWEA Offshore Conference (Boston, MA)