Heavy Weather Alerts

Weather Routing Inc. offers Instant Severe Weather Alerts, an extra tool to keep our clients informed of impending weather dangers. This is a complimentary service provided to recent users of our traditional routing and forecast services. Interested Captains will receive government issued weather advisories, watches, and warnings, which can be INSTANTLY sent to e-mail, smartphone, PDA, cell phone (plain text-message/SMS) for nearby last known locations and areas. WRI also monitors piracy reports and alerts clients on piracy activity in their general region, just one more way we keep you safe, secure, and well-informed ... in ALL areas, and at ALL times. Please see below for examples of the different types of alerts that we offer.

If requested, you will receive the heavy weather alerts for two weeks after your latest forecast expires. You may also request to stop/start receiving the alerts at any time by simply calling or sending us an e-mail. Would you like to permanently receive our Heavy Weather Alerts? SeaWeather Basic and Premium subscribers have this option if requested.

Traditional Heavy Weather Alerts
Our traditional Heavy Weather Alerts cover U.S. coastal/offshore areas, and waters surrounding Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. They are designed to alert you when a local government issues marine advisory for dangerous weather. The alerts will be sent if the advisory is issued for an area within 60nm of your last known location.

Heavy Weather Alerts

Mediterranean Heavy Weather Alerts
WRI Mediterranean Heavy Weather Alerts cover the entire Mediterranean Sea. This service is exclusive to WRI, and is not offered by any other weather service worldwide. Phenomena such as Mistrals, Levantes, Etesians, Boras, Siroccos, Vendavals, and Ponientes are specifically local to the Mediterranean Sea. These are well understood by WRI Meteorologists, and our alerts will advise if any of them are expected to occur 2-3 days in advance.

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Mediterranean Severe Weather

Tsunami Alerts
WRI Tsunami Alerts feature global coverage. The alerts will advise you within minutes of the occurrence of a nearby earthquake and whether or not a tsunami is expected.

Please note that one should always comply with local government advisories and emergency response in the case of a major earthquake or tsunami.
Tsunami Alert

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