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At Weather Routing Inc., our services go well beyond the standard routing and forecast services our clients have come to know over the years. We provide specialized services that fall outside the realm of our traditional services for yachtsmen. Here are just a few examples:
  • Fundraising
    Sail for Water is the first round-the world tour on a sailing boat supporting universal access to clean drinking water. The three cousins Nicolas, Thomas and Romain aim to distribute 1000 filters in 1000 days in order to help a potential of 100 000 people. To do so they will cross 3 oceans, visit 5 continents and 22 of the countries worst affected by unsafe drinking water. Visit www.sailforwater.org for more information!
  • Weather Routing Inc. is proud to be the official weather provider for the The Longest Swim. In the Spring of 2017, Ben Lecomte is attempting the first ever crossing of the Pacific Ocean for a swimmer - an expedition that will take 6 months. Ben Lecomte was the first person to swim across the Atlantic Ocean without a kickboard in 1998. This time, he will swim across the Pacific - for eight hours a day for six months - accompanied by a support sailboat and his six crew members. Living at sea for six months is no everyday accomplishment. The Pacific Ocean is one of the largest and most inhospitable bodies of water on the planet. The support boat "Discoverer", a 67-foot steel-hulled sailing yacht, will be fully equipped and 100 % self-sufficient to face such a long, unsupported journey. Under the direction of researchers from 12 scientific institutions including NASA and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the crew will perform oceanic and medical research throughout the journey, marking the first time such scientific work will be conducted by the general public.

    Follow along with our forecasts by visiting this link.
  • Weather Routing was pleased to be featured on 59ยบ North's podcast in June of 2016. Check out Andy Schell's discussion with our Operations Manager Jeremy Davis. Episode #152 is a fascinating and technical conversation with Jeremy Davis, a senior forecaster and weather router at WRI. Andy & Jeremy talk about climate change, pilot charts, hurricane season, Bahamian derechos (i.e. wicked and sustained thunderstorms), how to become a meteorologist, the difference between weather routing & weather forecasting and much much more.
  • Weather Routing was proud to be the official weather provider for Abraham Levy, who became the first person to row solo from Spain to Cancun Mexico from October 2014-March 2015. Read our interview with Abraham Levy!

    "There are no words to express how appreciative I am of your good service...it was wonderful...and it made me very confident and secure."

    Abraham Levy
  • Check out this excellent story about our company! Long Distance Forecasters by Mountain Lake PBS
  • Routing and forecast services for Arctic Ocean Rowing Expedition.

    "My name is Neal Mueller. I was a rower on Arctic Row. Without Weather Routing we wouldn't have been sunk, but we would have been dead in the water. WRI told us which days would be worth it to row and which would not. For 41 total days at sea, our four-person team split into 2-man teams to row 4 hours on and 4 hours off, around the clock, 24 hours per day. Some days the head winds were so strong that we hid behind ice bergs or land outcroppings. Other days tail winds let us make up for lost time. WRI send us weather predictions allowing us to know how long of a sprint we faced and when we should seek shelter.

    With the help of WRI, we became the first and longest row across the Arctic Ocean, 1000 miles in all, and were inducted into the Guinness World Record book of 2012, for "longest Arctic Ocean row"."
  • Routing/weather information for The Longest Swim: Swim across the Pacific Ocean.
  • Routing guidance and weather forecast information for Atlantic/Caribbean Solo Rowboat Crossing.
  • WRI has provided forecasts for Captain Brett McBride and crew for the filming of the "Shark Wranglers" television series. http://www.fischerproductions.com/
  • WRI provided weather forecasts and routing for The Sunset, while underway from California to Hawaii in 2010. This vessel was used for the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Weather Routing Inc. provided forecasts and routing advice to the S/V Summer Wind, a classic Caribbean wooden sloop while enroute from the Caribbean to New York City. This vessel is expected to be featured in a documentary called Vanishing Sail.
  • Provided daily forecasting for Bike4Africa.com, a biking charity event

    "Thanks again for the daily weather forecasts. I definitely noticed the accuracy, often even better than the weather forecast on the local news. Especially the wind(direction, strength) during the day was useful in order to choose to do more or less distance in morning or afternoon.

    So I've made it safe and sound from Amsterdam to Barcelona!

    Thanks again."

    JF Hillebrand IT BV, Bike4Africa.com
  • Articles for numerous yacht publications worldwide.
  • Fulweiler LLC provides experienced and aggressive legal counsel to the admiralty, maritime, and transportation sectors. The firm handles all types of maritime claims, including boating accident litigation and arbitration services for clients along the East and Gulf Coasts.
  • Congratulations to Captain Robert Giles on the S/Y Cache for winning his division in the Harvest Moon Regatta. The Regatta place on October 13, 2016 from Galveston to Port Aransas, Texas. Giles utilized WRI's race forecasting service which proved to his advantage in a tricky weather pattern.
  • Historical weather information for legal cases...
...and more! Contact us today and find out more about what we can do for you.

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