Weather Routing Inc. (WRI) is a private meteorological consulting firm and is the World Leader in the marine industry since 1961.
  • Experienced and Degreed Marine Meteorologists
  • Performance Claims and Voyage Analysis for commercial vessels
  • Comprehensive services for Yacht Transits, Regatta / Races, Fishing Tournaments, and Marinas
  • Detailed Forecasts and Route Recommendations
  • Available 24/7, 365 Days A Year
  • Forecasting and routing services available for All Ocean Basins
  • Specialized services include Adverse Weather/Tropical Monitoring, Earthquake/Tsunami Alerts, and Climatological Reports
  • Port/Site Forecasts, Forensic Analysis, and much more

Recent Twitter Posts

3 days ago
WRI is monitoring Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine in the coming days as it continues NW'ward. Keep a close eye on WRI's Tropical Tracker on and our daily tropical summaries for the latest on the #Tropics WeatherRouting photo
6 days ago
WRI has launched a new product, SeaWeather Onboard! Onboard provides all of the benefits of our original SeaWeather service without the necessity of an internet connection! For more information, including rates, visit our SeaWeather website at WeatherRouting photo
1 week ago
Tropical Storm Gabrielle poses no threat to land, but as the system continues NE'ward in the next 24-48 hours, she will undergo extra-tropical transition with decreasing sea-surface temperatures and increasing wind-shear. WeatherRouting photo
2 weeks ago
Hurricane Dorian remains a dangerous Category 4 storm. The center of Dorian has remained nearly stationary along N'rn Grand Bahama today. WRI expects that Hurricane Dorian will begin to lift NW'ward tomorrow while paralleling the Florida coast. WRI is monitoring closely. WeatherRouting photo
3 weeks ago
Atlantic tropics are heating up! WRI is monitoring both Tropical Depression Six in the W'rn Atlantic and Tropical Storm Dorian approaching the Antilles. Keep close eye to SeaWeather and our tropical summaries for the latest! WeatherRouting photo
4 weeks ago
Tropical Storm Ivo is expected to become a hurricane in the next 24-36 hours as it lifts WNW'ward in the E'rn Pacific. While not a direct threat to land, expect larger swell to propagate toward/along the Baja the 23rd through 25th. Give WRI a call if you have any upcoming trips! WeatherRouting photo
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