Marine Weather Forecast Services

Weather Routing Inc. (WRI) is a private meteorological consulting firm and is the World Leader in the marine industry since 1961.
  • Experienced and Degreed Marine Meteorologists
  • Performance Claims and Voyage Analysis for commercial vessels
  • Comprehensive services for Yacht Transits, Regatta / Races, Fishing Tournaments, and Marinas
  • Detailed Forecasts and Route Recommendations
  • Available 24/7, 365 Days A Year
  • Forecasting and routing services available for All Ocean Basins
  • Specialized services include Adverse Weather/Tropical Monitoring, Earthquake/Tsunami Alerts, and Climatological Reports
  • Port/Site Forecasts, Forensic Analysis, and much more

Recent Twitter Posts

5 days ago
Everyone who has followed weather over time has an experience they will never forget. What is yours?
6 days ago
WRI is watching newly developed Tropical Depression Four-E in the Eastern Pacific south and west of Baja California. Expected to be short lived. Is TD Four-E interrupting your plans? Get in contact with us for assistance! Image courtesy of Tropical Tracker WeatherRouting photo
2 weeks ago
Check out WRI's latest newsletter! In this issue, we talk about our Severe Weather Alerts, updates to our SeaWeather service, and Webinars! WeatherRouting photo
2 weeks ago
A large dust plume emerging off of W'rn Africa will help to inhibit any potential tropical development across the E'rn Atlantic over the next several days to a week.

Image courtesy of:
WeatherRouting photo
3 weeks ago
The SW'ly Monsoon across the Arabian Sea is in full force and quite potent in strength! Are you thinking about making a trip across the Arabian Sea? Be sure to be in contact with WRI to best plan this crossing! Image below is from our service. WeatherRouting photo
3 weeks ago
Ever wondered how ship emissions can affect weather and climate? Here, we take a look at how these emissions affect cloud patterns and thus, sunlight reaching the Earth's surface, lending to a "cooling effect".
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