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A Special Message from Our President
By: Stasu Bizzarro, President

Since 1961, Weather Routing Inc. (WRI) has been a leading weather provider for the maritime industry. Our philosophy has, and will continue to be, real-time maritime meteorologists providing a quality service to all our clients. Whether it be for safe passage, or for optimizing voyages to reduce fuel/operating costs and emissions, WRI will always be your dependable 24/7 "onboard" meteorologist.

As technology advances, WRI has been careful to make sure this does NOT replace the standard that we have set all these decades. With the advancement of computer generated weather models, WRI has been able to extend our capabilities, WITHOUT REPLACING the human influence. WRI will continue to promote and insist that only the combination of these advancements, with a real-time meteorologist, will provide the most accurate forecast and guidance, and everything else is supplemental. With all this said, WRI understands the need to have a tool for our clients to have access to weather data without a constant internet connection, and therefore, we welcome the addition of our supplemental product, Dolphin OnBoard.
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WRI Announces Release of the Dolphin OnBoard Program
By: Mike Stockwell, Assistant Operations Manager

We are pleased to introduce a new tool that will help captains and bridge teams calculate the safest and most fuel-efficient route. Dolphin OnBoard is a stand-alone voyage software program that does not require a continuous internet connection. The program's interface functions similarly to Dolphin Online.

This new program allows users to perform a one-time download of the software (compatible for Mac or Windows desktop devices). An internet connection is required for the initial download and for installing software updates for the program. The data files, including route and weather data, are delivered via e-mail daily (up to 4 times a day, if desired), and then imported into the software. The user can overlay various weather and oceanographic parameters on a plot of your planned route. Users can also add and edit different routing options for comparison.

Dolphin OnBoard include the following weather/ocean data:
  • Winds, seas, pressure, precipitation, visibility, temperatures
  • Ocean currents and sea surface temperature
  • Sea ice and freezing spray
  • Real-time ship, land, and buoy observations
  • Tropical Cyclone analysis
  • Earthquake, tsunami, and piracy alerts
  • SECA zones, time zones, port/strait names
  • Global and WRI high-resolution data

Currents on Dolphin OnBoard

The user can modify their departure time, route, speed, or consumption, and then utilize our route summary table to assist with voyage optimization. Additionally, the program accepts CSV files for easier inputting of alternate routes.

Dolphin OnBoard was developed after extensive programming and feedback over the past few years, and we are excited that this is now available to those interested. This program demonstrates our commitment to providing accurate and dependable weather information for safe/efficient transits to all vessels.

Please contact us today to learn more and to receive a demo for individual vessels or your fleet!

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