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New Port Risk Analysis Product
By: Keith Wagner, Director of Operations

We are pleased to announce a new product which has recently been added to the Dolphin Website - Port Risk Analysis

This product allows you to evaluate the potential "risk" for specific weather parameters to occur at ports of interest over the next 10 days. The risk level is based on a collection of computer model guidance over the past 24 hours. The better the "agreement" in the data sources, the higher the risk level.
  • To access the product, mouse over the "Dolphin Fleet Management" menu on the Dolphin website, then click on "Risk Analysis".
  • For any clients who are actively using our services, a list of all ports that your vessels are scheduled to call over the next 10 days will be displayed.
  • Alternately, you can select any individual ports of interest, even if your vessels are not currently scheduled to call those ports.
  • Under the "Parameters" section, choose up to 5 parameters. The product will then evaluate the "risk" of those parameters being exceeded over the next 10 days.
  • All port calls over Days 1-5 will be displayed on the top of the page. Scroll down to view details for Days 6-10.
  • Within each box, you will see a value for the given parameter which represents the maximum value for that day based on the most recent computer model guidance. For visibility, this value represents the minimum visibility, and for precipitation, it represents the daily total precipitation.
  • You can also click on the port name to view 4-day Port Forecast for that location.
Example of Port Risk Analysis on Dolphin

Within the top banner, you will have the ability to save the product as a PDF or HTML document. Also, there is a calendar icon which allows you to automatically schedule this product to be sent to any email addresses at a set time/frequency.

We believe that this new product will assist in your evaluation of upcoming port calls. As always, for any sensitive weather situations, we recommend contacting our team of meteorologists directly for consultation.

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Fleet Dashboard "Reports"
Mike Stockwell, Senior Meteorologist/Asst. Operations Manager

On the Dolphin Fleet Dashboard, we have implemented a change that allows for easier access to the various "Reports" for your fleet or individual vessels.

The "Reports" tab has now been separated into "Fleet Reports" and "Ship Reports". When selecting either of these categories, a menu will appear on the left side of the screen, listing all of the available reports under those categories. The reports are separated by categories:
  • Weather Prognostics
  • Performance Claims
  • Analysis/Efficiency
  • Message Traffic

Click on the help icon next to each category for a description of the available products. To view the product, simply click on the product name in the list, and the report will display on the main screen to the right.

New Fleet Dashboard "Reports" interface

The actual reports and ability to filter results within the reports have not changed. The changes to the display allow you to quickly see what reports are available, and to access them more easily. We hope this will assist in your daily evaluation, and we welcome any comments or feedback as you use the new features.
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