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AIS tracking
By: Zachary Jacomowitz, Meteorologist

Automatic Identification System (AIS) tracking uses a vessel's GPS signal to relay important information about a vessel's location, course heading, and speed. Any client who is actively receiving "real-time" weather routing, weather monitoring, or performance monitoring services with Weather Routing, Inc. (WRI) receives complimentary access to the complete scope and benefits of AIS vessel tracking products. These products are easily accessible 24/7 via our Dolphin website.

AIS monitoring allows our clients to:
  • Easily monitor any vessel's location, speed, and course heading with complete global satellite coverage
  • Track a vessel's progress in relation to their schedule and any ETA requirements
  • Monitor for any stoppages or deviations from planned route
  • View past 24-hour AIS route track
  • Download csv file of past 24-hour AIS data
Users can also customize the AIS display to distinguish between "old" and “recent” AIS positions.

AIS Tracking on Dolphin indicating an updated position (green circle) and past track (black line).

In addition to vessel-specific information, with Dolphin OnLine, AIS data can be overlaid with any weather/ocean parameters to gain a better understanding of the current conditions surrounding the vessel. This can also be useful for tracking vessels to minimize heavy weather concerns, especially during the active tropical seasons. Our Tropical Tracker feature on Dolphin, when combined with AIS tracking, allows operations teams to constantly monitor the location of their assets in relation to any tropical threats.

AIS tracking services are included for any client that receives WRI services. If, however, active "weather routing" services are not required, we can still provide real-time and historical AIS tracking services for your fleet.

Please contact us today to discuss your requirements or to receive a quote for AIS services!

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New Dolphin Updates
By: Keith Wagner, Director of Operations

We are pleased to announce several recent upgrades to the enhanced version of our Dolphin website (
  • Wave period and wave direction can now be plotted on the same map. From the vertical menu bar on the right, select the option for "Wave Direction and Period". This will display the wave direction (arrow) and the swell period (number, in seconds). This feature can be used in combination with the wave height product (colors).

    Wave direction and period map on Dolphin.

  • Wind barbs and wave arrows can be displayed on the same map. From the vertical menu bar on the right, select the option for "Wind Barbs & Wave Arrows". The wave directions will display as a white arrow next to the wind barb.

  • A distance measuring tool has been added to "Map Options". Click on "Enable Ruler", then click at any point of interest on your map and place a "marker". Then, simply click another point on the map. A line will connect the two points, showing the distance between those points. You can "drag" your second point to any location and the distance will update. You can also click to add additional points, and the distance will display for each line segment. Along the top right of the screen, you will see a white box showing the start/end points, and the total distance for your lines. You can remove the lines by clicking 'Clear Points" in the Map Options menu.

    Distance measuring tool on Dolphin.

  • A "screenshot" of your Dolphin display can be saved by clicking on the camera icon on the top right menu bar.

We hope that these new features assist with your daily operations, and allow you to easily evaluate any potential threats to your vessels. Please contact us with any questions or if we can be of any assistance with forecast/routing information for your fleet.
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