Commercial and Fleet Routing Services

Commercial Shipping Overview

Since 1961, Weather Routing Inc. (WRI) has maintained a proud tradition of fleet routing/weather assistance and performance monitoring services, ensuring your vessels remain safe and protecting your financial interests. We supply bulkers, tankers, container ships, tugs/barges, rigs, and all other forms of maritime transportation with vital weather/performance information.

Our services combine the best of technology with experienced marine meteorologists and performance analysts, and are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Available services include route recommendations, detailed forecasts (at sea or in port), performance claims, performance monitoring, Dolphin Fleet Management website, and much more.

With a cost-effective and dependable weather provider like WRI, you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

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Optimum Routing/Forecasts

WRI’s marine meteorologists provide suggested routing and forecast conditions along each route to ensure a safe and efficient transit. Updates are provided as often as required, with our team continuously monitoring for the best route given your voyage requirements.

  • Pre-Voyage Reports for initial route planning
  • Optimum route recommendation
  • 6-hourly tabular forecast
  • Synoptic weather discussion
  • Forecast maps/charts
  • Comparison route options/forecasts
  • 24/7 access to our Dolphin website

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Tropical/Adverse Weather Monitoring

WRI’s team monitors your vessels for all port stays and transits for any potential tropical or adverse weather threat, and your operations team and vessels are immediately alerted so that preparations can be made. WRI can commence our optimum routing/forecasting to safely avoid or minimize the threat.

    • Continuous monitoring for any threat
    • Customized “heavy weather” thresholds
    • Daily Tropical Summaries and storm-specific alerts
    • Daily fleet Adverse Weather Summaries
    • Daily Port Forecasts and Forecast Maps
    • Upgrade to optimum routing/forecasting
    • 24/7 access to our Dolphin website

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Site/Vicinity Forecasts

Accurate and timely forecast data for sensitive port or site operations are critical for the safety of your team and cargo. Our Site/Vicinity Forecasts are tailored to your specific location and requirements, and provide you with the information required to make critical decisions for smooth operations.

  • Tailored to your specific location
  • 10-day vicinity outlook
  • Graphical and tabular forecast displays
  • 1-hourly data for initial 24-hour period
  • Daily maps emailed to port operations staff
  • 24/7 access to our Dolphin website

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Dolphin OnLine

WRI’s Dolphin website ( is your one-stop-shop for all weather and performance information for your fleet. Forecast maps, Tropical Tracker, Voyage Planner, and Fleet Monitoring Dashboard are just a few of the valuable tools included on Dolphin to ensure your vessels are safe/informed and that your operations team is effectively managing your fleet.

  • Interactive web-based software to monitor weather and performance data
  • Latest data continuously updated with no hardware required
  • Fleet dead-reckoned on all forecast charts
  • Winds, Seas, Precipitation, Currents, Temperatures, Visibility, Ice, and more
  • Port Forecasts and specialized reports for any location
  • Fleet Monitoring Dashboard for all weather and performance data
  • Tropical Tracker provides latest tropical analysis, forecasts, discussions
  • Voyage Planner compares various routing options for safe/efficient transits
  • Real-time observations (ship, land, buoy), satellites, and radars
  • AIS satellite tracking

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Dolphin OnBoard

WRI’s Dolphin OnBoard is the “desktop” version of our Voyage Planner, which allows the user to evaluate multiple routingĀ  options and overlay weather/current charts to assist in planning the optimum transit. When used in conjunction with our Optimum Routing/Forecasting services, your vessels will have all the tools required to prosecute a safe and efficient voyage.

  • Desktop software downloaded to any computer
  • Continuous Internet connection is not required
  • Data packages containing route/weather information emailed four times daily
  • View/edit route, speed, or consumption options
  • Overlay forecast maps and real-time data
  • Vessel dead-reckoned on all routing options out to 10 days
  • Compare time, distance, weather, currents, consumption, and more
  • Summary table guides user to the optimum route

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Contact WRI and we can arrange a demo and instructions to download the software from WRI Dolphin website.
Performance Claims

WRI’s performance analysis reports monitor the speed/consumption of your vessels compared to the charter party values, to assist in protecting your financial interests in the event of any speed or bunker claims. Our reports and supporting data have been used extensively in defending/supporting various claims, and are praised for being clear, concise, objective, and accurate.

  • Monitor speed/consumption compared to charter party values
  • Evaluate any time or bunker gain/loss
  • Calculate basis “good weather” definition
  • Comply with London Arbitrations
  • 6-hourly weather/current analysis always provided
  • Voyage Reconstructions for past transits
  • Commentary and supporting data included
  • Daily Performance Status Reports
  • Deviation calculations and summaries
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Voyage Analysis/Insights

Our team of performance specialists can also provide additional details regarding the efficiency and performance of your fleet, ensuring that your vessels are operating as efficiently as possible. Contact us to discuss any special requirements you may have.

  • Voyage Analysis Summaries
  • Quarterly Emission Reports (MRV-compliant)
  • Quarterly Efficiency Reports (actual vs. planned transits)
  • Performance data continuously updated on Dolphin
  • Customized reports, charts, and graphs available
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Specialized Products/Services

WRI provides many additional specialized products and services that can assist with the planning, execution, or analysis of any transit or project.

  • Climate Reports for route/voyage planning
  • Earthquake/Tsunami alerts
  • Piracy alerts
  • Icebergs, Sea Ice, Freezing Spray
  • Legal/Forensic analysis and review
Meteorological/Oceanographic Data

WRI maintains a continuous high-speed flow of weather data consisting of a wide variety of both forecasting and observational data. We receive Meteorological (WMO) authorized data, plus data from government and non-government sources. The data is used not only for forecasting, but also in any required analysis of the transit. We can also supply data for our clients’ in-house systems for their own internal use.

  • Global computer-generated model data
  • WRI’s in-house high-resolution model data
  • RTOFS high-resolution ocean current data
  • ASCAT/SSMI satellite-derived wind analysis
  • Land/ship/buoy observations
  • Global Data Assimilation System (GDAS)

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